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Complete System - Only $999

Use Barcoding for Lawn Care, Factory Floor, Construction,
Work In Progress WIP, Job Status, Time, Attendance & More!

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  Software for Lawn Care & Landscaping

The lawn is the Job. The job is divided into several tasks such as mowing, edging, mulching, and sodding. Each lawn is assigned a Job Barcode.

You create the work order with your accounting software, a word processor - or even hand writtten. It can include customer information and can be laminated. Then, give one barcode scanner to a foreman who is responsible for a crew doing Lawn Care. more...

  Software for Jobs on the Factory Floor
Let's say your shop assembles "widgets." When a new widget order arrives, just enter the new job into Job Tracker - customer's invoice number, your purchase order, your task order and more.

Print your Job Barcode Label and stick it to the written document that you currently use to circulate through the shop with the widget being assembled. Then, send the document to the shop floor to start production of a new widget. more...

Software for Jobs in the Field

Say you build houses. The house is the job, and the job is divided into several tasks such as digging the foundation, putting up studs, doing plumbing, and roofing. Or, the house may be one job of many jobs that form a Subdivision Project.

With Job Tracker, you can group several smaller tasks into a master project. Give one barcode scanner to a foreman who is responsible for a crew of employees building a house to keep track of it all. more...

  Job Tracker 3
Now Available!

You spoke, and we listened! Thanks to the suggestions of our current and past Job Tracker customers, version three offers an enhanced selection of innovative features and functionality. more...

• Print barcodes with your own printer
• Scan Employees, Breaks, Lunch, etc.
• Record Travel from Job Site to Job Site
• Scan Employee Quitting Time
• Print Time Reports for Employees & Jobs
• Export data to other software  more...

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